Let’s Get (digital) Direct!

Each week, we’ll distill a new piece of Direct Marketing that we have actually received and break it down for you!


As purveyors of advertising in it’s many forms, it’s not often that an ad will get our attention. Sure, there has been a rash of hilarious television spots over the last 10 years (often times funnier than the shows surrounding them), but it’s rare that an ad will get our attention on a direct platform.


This week, we’re looking at something direct that got our attention on social media. In mid-May, I started getting some ads dropped in my Facebook feed, selling purified water. I am not traditionally a consumer of bottled water, nor have I interacted with these brands online, but somehow, I became a target for a boutique canned water.

Yep, canned water.


Here’s where it gets good. The targeting might not be totally right (in fact, only one partner in our firm received these ads, and it was NOT the one who routinely buys bottled water or canned sparkling water), but the creative clearly breaks through. There were several of these ads in my feed, but this one really got me.

While I couldn’t agree more with this ad, I don’t think the product is dumb, but it’s not for me. However! The ad got my immediate attention. Especially the comments.

Some hilarious stuff here, especially the last one. Couldn’t agree more!

Now, the rule in Facebook ads that works is re-targeting. Once you establish that a user has engaged with your ad, you have to hit them repeatedly. Having clicked on the comments, I’ve now raised my hand to these guys and said “I want more!”. Which I didn’t. But now I do.

The next ad, on my phone (the first and last were on my tablet), was this.

Ok. “Sell your soul for a free case”? That’s a good one. Also clever, turning a negative comment into an endorsement for the product and claiming “People Love Us on The Internet”. Makes you want to see the other comments, right? Genius.

Accordingly, I spotted this one on my tablet feed a week later.


All of this to sell water? Yep. The Sell Your Soul for a free case is really a BOGO, that old stand-by in marketing!

Once you click through the “SHOP NOW” button, you get an offer on their Facebook page and direct link to their online store. All the things you look for; fun, value, and urgency (offer good “only until midnight”, but which midnight?). With their 150,000+ followers on Facebook, I’m guessing this content direction is working!


These ads are engaging and hilariously outrageous. They will definitely hit a specific demographic, likely one without an affinity for a particular bottled water brand. Nice work.

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