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Where does Social Media fit in to your marketing strategy? Is it “real”? Do you treat the platform with “respect”? Is it the refuge of Millennials and Gen Z, something you struggle to connect with? Well, as a couple of proud Gen X’ers, let me share with you a simple truth about marketing.

You have to be where the people are.

This is why marketing gobbled up radio, made television “annoying”, cluttered magazines, and stuffs your precious mailbox. It is also why Facebook is just shy of $700 billion market cap. That puts them in the top 20 nations by GDP. $700 billion is more than the GDP of Poland, Austria, Sweden, Taiwan, and Iran. With over 2.6 billion users, the population of Facebook is greater than China, India, and the United States. I know, I know, you’re like Facebook? Ok Boomer. But remember, Facebook owns Instagram, and even though these two behemoths act like they are separate, they are not. Posting between the two is seamless, and the secondary level of popular Social Media (Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc.) have engineered themselves to integrate and share with the Facebook/Instagram ecosystem. They know, this is where the eyeballs are.

The point is to take it seriously. Yes, your teenage child has more followers than your company. Yes, your twenty-something niece has the attention of more people than live in your county. It also means this is a place where your customers will look for you and, more importantly, you can connect with new customers. Keep in mind; this is a very low-cost yet personal way to connect. It gives customers and potential customers an intimate and easy way to talk to their favorite brands. It’s the great equalizer and provides the consumer the opportunity to engage directly with your brand with ease, which should always be the objective of any operation.

Ok, enough convincing you that it’s a worthwhile endeavor, let’s talk about how to do it. We have a consistent approach to this that provides real connections, reduces friction, and (most importantly) drives new sales.

Our approach has three distinct hallmarks that together we call Digital Discipline. Digital Discipline is just what it sounds like, hard work that yields opportunity. First, build your audience. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. It takes time and targeting. Don’t know how to do this? We do, we can help.

Secondly, distribute content that is relevant to your audience. Having an audience is fine for a casual user. Having an audience that is engaged is critical for any business. This means you have to be posting, reposting, sharing, and liking other posts as frequently as possible. This is not easy! As you may have heard, content is queen (or king, whatever). Generating content is a full time job for some brands. You can compete here, if you want to. Don’t know how?  We do, we can help.

Lastly, as with any great marketing effort, you must measure the results. This means creating routine benchmarks, watching how posts perform, and connecting to your sales efforts. Yes, you can convert all of this in to real revenue! Not sure how to do that? We do, we can help.

There is incredible depth to this strategy, depth that combines our experience and your brand. If you want to know how to make these tools work for you, just let us know.

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