Elements that Drive Success, Part 2.

Where does your brand fit in to your marketing strategy? Is it “real”? Do you treat it with respect? Any good Marketer will tell you that your brand is the bedrock for everything you do. Great marketers will help you understand your brand and how it relates to everything you do. Today, we want to talk about how we do this, a technique we call Brand Therapy.

The Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you might approach your brand in different ways, but there are two main approaches that we see. Perhaps your brand is embedded in your DNA, guiding your every decision. Or maybe your brand is a nuisance, created out of necessity and something your not even comfortable discussing. Our job is to identify where your brand came from and which category you might fall into.

The Marketer

Not a company owner but instead a brand manager charged with brand ownership? In many cases, marketing and executives inherit a brand that they didn’t create and look for ways to transform it to match their environment or their own personality. Both approaches are valid, both work to varying degrees. But being tasked with owning a brand can be daunting.

How do you even start transforming your brand? It’s not easy; it requires a deep internal analysis of the personalities and assets involved. Our Brand Therapy process is designed to do just that. We start with asking a few key questions.

First, can you measurably define the impact of your brand? Combining revenue, customer experience, and employee satisfaction we evaluate a series of touch points that help that we integrate in to a scoring methodology. This gives us a real benchmark for understanding where your brand is today and where you how we can move it’s consideration.

Do you know your origin story? Is it meaningful to your products? Does the story help build loyalty and strengthen the emotional bond your customers and employees have with your brand? A brand without a little mythology behind it is stale and lacks connection points. This is not about making up a story, this is about interpreting your story so it creates a bridge to your customers needs. Current has spent hours with brand owners exploring this very mythology. Many times you can’t see the bigger story when you’re in it every day. We help

Lastly, and this should be the goal of any Brand Therapy exercise, do I provide fulfillment to my customers. Not just delivering on the product promise or the physical delivery of a solution. Do I provide emotional fulfillment for my customers? Fulfilling a specific product related need (i.e. “I am hungry” = “sandwich”) is relatively easy under the right conditions. Fulfilling a deeper need (i.e. “I want to feel loved” = “a Gucci bag”) takes deeper connections and stronger connections. These connections cannot be fully realized without serious introspection on the part of the brand and related messaging.

Yes, it’s all a little heady. The most important thing to remember is that we can help! Current Marketing has spent countless hours developing techniques that work. We have the experience and the imagination to help you connect with your customers on a higher level. If you think your brand is stale or lacks emotion, you’re probably right. You should probably call us and let us help you recharge your brand.

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