Case Study

Author Brings a Community to Readers


When speaker, best-selling author, and activist Christine Caine was about to publish her seventh book and devotional, her team and publisher at Harper Collins partnered with Current Marketing Solutions to help connect with her audience and create a lasting impression. Christine took time during COVID to explore the outdoors and was compelled to share with her readers God’s message of hope and encouragement and provide them with an immersive experience beyond the page.

Taking the Reader for a Journey

It wasn't enough for Christine to share her love of the outdoors with her readers, she wanted them to experience the world and the Word for themselves. Her team requested a website that would encourage readers, through the 100 devotions in her book, to get outside and explore. The website would create a community and nurturing place for people to combine wisdom with outdoor challenges. The end result: readers would gain endurance and move forward with hope, combining fun challenges and the opportunity to earn badges along the way.

The Challenge

With a very short timeframe and schedule, the online portion needed to be ready to roll out along with the book’s release. We worked with Christine and her team to develop an explainer video for the challenge as well as creative badges with an outdoor, parks-and-rec style theme. The site also needed to track participants through their journey, assign badges as they met certain goals, and provide an opportunity to connect as a community.


While staying focused on the book’s scheduled release, Current was able to turn over the new website with integrated community functions and gamification to coordinate with the launch of the devotional. Readers can purchase the book from Christine's website and enroll in the coordinating challenges, participating in an integrated and engaging experience. Thanks to Current, Christine's vision for her readers came to life, and readers can become part of a community while exploring the world around them.